Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the Boss, or things change

So the Boss seamed to be enjoying our... not relationship, not agreement... our involvement. Monday I slid his cock between my tits while he sat in his chair until he exploded onto my face, and Tuesday I was flat on my back on his desk with his cock slamming me and his hands around my throat. I came so hard I almost passed out, and he soon filled my pussy with his cum.

Today, however, he decided that we needed to talk (after I blew him and swallowed his load while he was on a phone call, of course.) He's worried this is going to far, he's my boss, etc. I explained I wasn't after his money or his love, just his cock, but he said he needed to think about this and maybe we should lay off for a while.

So that's that, for now. Maybe he'll change his mind, maybe not, but it was good while it lasted. I hope to continue it, but we'll see.

On another note, thanks for all those who are writing me. I'm loving getting your emails and chatting with you on gchat, it makes my days go faster and be more exciting.

Tonight, tennis and dinner with my friend Anna. Girls night out!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Friday, or a new type of threesome...

So… Friday.

No boss, so no midday snack, as it were. I filled Liz in on our little fun, and not only was she not surprised, but the little slut had an affair with the Boss a few years back. I was a little surprised, but not totally shocked. In her experience, there was a lot of kink I had yet to uncover in him, so that’s something to look forward to.

I spent all day emailing dirty things back and forth with a few people (I love doing this, by the way, so feel free to email me dirty thoughts or fantasies any time, I’ll do my best to respond in kind), so I was quite excited. I called an old friend of mine, Dennis, and agreed to meet him at a bar. He’s an old friend and occasional lover, so this was business as usual for us.

I got there, and Dennis had brought a friend, Jeff. Good looking, young guy, so I thought maybe Dennis was aiming for a threesome. I’m game, as always. I have had every type of threesome: two guys, two girls, a couple, etc, so this didn’t throw me off. In fact, I was kinda excited about it, and we quickly retired to Dennis’s house.

We had a few more drinks and sat on the couch, me in between them, and turned on the TV. We quickly found a Cinemax skin flick, and soon I was rubbing both their bulges through their jeans. We made out for a while, with Dennis fingering me and Jeff sucking and biting on my tits. My cloths were quickly gone, and their cocks were quickly out as I knelt between them, sucking them in turn. That’s when things turned different.

I sucked Dennis for a minute, then turned to suck Jeff when Dennis knelt beside me and took Jeffs balls into his mouth. I’ve never been in a threesome where they guys were interested in doing anything but high fiving each other as I fucked them both, but Dennis took Jeff’s cock out of my mouth and down his throat.

I was surprised, but for some reason it got me even wetter. Dennis and I took turns sucking Jeff off, with me stroking Dennis’s shaft the whole time, before Jeff finally came in my mouth. Dennis quickly kissed me, his tongue searching my mouth for the other mans cum. We both swallowed the warm jism while Dennis sat on the couch and I impaled my cunt onto his hard shaft.

I rode Dennis hard and fast, and before long Jeff stood on the couch between us. He shoved his cock back into Dennis’s mouth, and pulled my head into his ass, holding it there tight as I rimmed his asshole. I could hear Dennis gagging on Jeff’s cock, but Jeff held us both tightly, making us both his playthings. It must have made Dennis excited, because his thrusting became harder and more urgent, and he flooded my cunt with his cum.

Jeff noticed, and pushed me over so I was sitting on the couch, cum slowly leaking from my pussy. Jeff shoved Dennis’s face in my crotch, demanding he eat my cunt. At the same time, Jeff slowly pushed his cock into Dennis’s ass, then began his torrid pace of thrusting.

I’ve been in this position before, but it was always another woman eating me out. Now it was Dennis’s mouth slumping his own cum out of my pussy while Jeff fucked his ass without remorse. It took almost no time for Dennis to get hard again, and Jeff pulled out while I was forced onto my knees. Dennis wasted no time in shoving his dick in my tight ass, making me scream, and then Jeff got back into position and shoved his cock in Dennis. It was clear I was the bottom of this totem poll, a sex toy for the two men, and that suited me just fine.

My ass was used for about 10 minutes in this fashion, and then Jeff directed Dennis to sit on the couch and for me to mount him, cowgirl style. Jeff then used my ass for his pleasure as the two double penetrated me and made me scream over and over. Jeff pulled out a few times to make me suck his cock, going from my ass to my mouth to Dennis’s mouth back to my ass. Dennis wrapped his hands around my throat, choking me hard as he drilled my cunt. Both came within seconds of each other, and I quickly followed.

It continued that way all night. I’m not sure if Jeff was really bi or not, because he never touched Dennis’s cock, he just didn’t seem to care where his went, but he was a machine. A nasty, tit fucking, ass licking, pussy pounding machine. I left Dennis’s house after breakfast and blowjobs for both of them, which meant they both had cum in all of my holes, and then some. It was an incredible threesome, and one we may repeat. A girl can hope.

Monday, March 22, 2010

On last week, or sorry for not posting sooner

Last week was a good week.

Monday, I got a brief welcome back from Jeremy in the form of his cock pounding my mouth for half an hour before covering my throat in his cum. I don’t know what it is about the guy, but even swallowing his load is better then sex with most guys.

Tuesday was finally the day. I had gone over to Brian’s at lunch for a quickie, and before I could walk in, I heard moaning. Looking through his front window I say him pounding the shit out of some girl who was on all fours. He was slapping her ass and telling her what a slut she was, and she was screaming like a whore. I watched from his front window, getting wetter and wetter. He finally noticed me after about 5 minutes, and smiles at me as he continued to pound her, insult her, and make her voice crack. Finally, he pulled out and went to her face, spraying his cum all over her as I watched. I caught my breath and went back to my car, sexually frustrated but happy with the show.

So back at work, stewing in my sexual juices, I was called into my bosses office to take notes during a call. I was in one of my easy to fuck in outfits, and showing a lot of skin, so when I walked into his office and shut his door I made sure he had a good view. All during the call, his eyes were plastered to my legs or my chest, and every time he looked at my face I licked my lips or sucked on my pen tip. I was being a wanton slut, but I needed something.

After the call he circled around to sit on his desk and “talk”, and I could see his cock pushing against his pants. So I took the initiative, dropped my pen, and bent over, grinding my ass against his bulge. He reached out and brushed up against my hips, and I reached behind me to rub his cock through his pants and ask “will there be anything else?”

I was on my knees seconds later, taking his thick cock into my mouth while looking up at him and smiling. He just sat back and watched. It was a slow, sloppy blowjob that ended with him holding my head in place and fucking my mouth until I swallowed every drop of his cum. I happily licked my lips, zipped him up, and walked out of his office.

I stopped by Brian’s on the way home from work, and I was an inferno of pure sex. We fucked for hours. He came in my mouth, all over my tits, in my cunt, and after an hour of hard, nasty, animal sex, he blew his last load up my ass. I was covered in scratch marks, welts, handprints, spit and cum, but I finally got relief.

I blew my boss again the next day, while he sat at his desk doing work. It made me feel so naughty, like an object there for convenience and nothing more. Thursday, he finally bent me over his desk and fucked me, spraying his cum all over my ass after a rough and fast 10 minute pounding. We had to try to be quiet, but I’m sure someone caught on. When he was done, I lay there panting for 5 minutes, his cum dripping off me, before he wiped me off and sent me out. I have a feeling I’m his new office plaything. I like this.

Friday… will be covered in another post. Amazing threesome. More to come later, promise.

Kisses, everyone.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

contact me!

So, I’ve created an email address purely for this blog and people who read it who want to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from interesting folks 

A brief aside

So, I got a call from my cousin, Lauren, who's husband I blew at the wedding. Apparently, they have an "open marriage", and she was quite excited to hear about me sucking her husbands cock. They want to come down and visit me soon.

This could be very interesting. Lauren is 2 years older then me, and when we were teens we practiced kissing each other. It gets me a little wet just thinking about it now.

I'll post more about my week a little later, it was exciting.

Friday, March 12, 2010

On funerals, or the rumors are true

So, I've been out of town this week for my Grandmothers funeral. It's sad, but not unexpected, we've known it's been coming for a long time and I said my good byes a long time ago. Besides, this isn't a blog about my feelings or memories, so I'll just say one thing.

Funerals DO make women horny. Or at least me.

I don't know what it is, but every chance I had this weekend I was throwing myself at any guy who came around. And I mean any guy. I picked up a stranger at a bar my second night in and fucked him for hours, turning into a complete slut and doing anything he asked. He took video on his phone of me blowing him and him cuming all over my face and tits, tied my hands behind my back and fisted my cunt while I sucked his cock back to life, then pounded my ass until he came again. He finished my off in the shower, covering my in his piss before he made me swallow his cum.

That was only the begining. At the service itself, I once again felt myself getting hot, so after the reception I got a mouthful of my cousins husband, sucking him before riding his cock until he blew in my pussy. I feel kind of bad, as my cousin and I are somewhat close, and actually she was who I got my first french kiss from, but when I needed cock, he was ready, willing, and able. Later that night, another stranger from a different bar got a quick blowjob in the bathroom before taking me to his hotel room and making me cum 3 times. He had amazing oral skills, and his cock slid into my pussy just right as he fucked my doggie style and told me what a whore I was.

So now I'm back home, and still horny. My toys will do for tonight, but then I get back into my play things.

Friday, March 5, 2010

On this week, or being the other woman

Apologies for the lack of posts, but it’s been a great week.

Jeremy’s girlfriend has been out of town all week, so we’ve been catching up. I’ve always thought Jeremy and I could be a couple if not for my need to fuck a ton of people. Jer always has thought it was ok for him to fuck around, but never his woman. That’s an issue for me. So I take being his friend and fuck buddy just fine, and this week, we’ve made up for lost time.

She left Tuesday afternoon, and by 6 Tuesday night I had swallowed his cum 3 times. I took Wednesday off to recover from the all night ass pounding he gave me (delaying my flirt time with my boss, but I’m sure I’ll get him soon enough.) It didn’t do me any good, as he continued his marathon ass fucking Wednesday, going from my ass to my mouth for over an hour before finally spilling his load into my willing throat. Most of Wednesday night was spent with each of us recovering, pausing only for a slow, long blowjob.

Thursday I limped back to work, sitting on my tender ass most of the day. My boss noticed and I think wanted to say something, but he’s still shy. Liz, of course, guessed what had happened, so I filled her in on all the details. She’s given up her lesbian experimentation, but is still a little horny bitch, and I could tell the stories got to her.

Thursday night, Jer and I had a nice dinner, then we went to a nice little… well, to a sex club. Mostly, we just watched people fucking for hours while I devoured his cock over and over, swallowing his cum 3 times over the course of the night. At one point, another patron asked to join us, and he pounded my pussy while I gobbled Jer. Our friend pulled out and came all over my back just as Jer shot his final load into my mouth.

After we left the club, Jer insisted I masturbate on the way home. I fingered my slutty cunt all the way to his place, cumming loudly and talking like a whore the whole time. I was well rewarded, when we got to his house he bent me over the hood of his car in the garage. He was almost spent, so it took over an hour of him going from hole to hole to hole, abusing me in every position. I came with his cock deep in my cunt as he fucked my doggie style, I came as I lay on the hood of his car, head hanging over the side as he fucked my throat and he practically fisted my twat, and I came as I rode him reverse cowgirl with his cock in my ass.

He finally exploded all over my face and practically passed out. I dragged him inside, and he and I fell into his bed. We fell asleep that way, me covered in his cum and still wearing my heals. He woke me this morning with his dick choking me, and he rewarded me with one last yummy load before our week of fun was over. I helped clean up, removing all traces of me from his place. I went to work, doing the old walk of shame, as I was wearing the same outfit. Midway through the day, my boss asked me about a stain on my shirt. It was quite clearly cum, but my boss asked if it was mayo. I licked my finger clean, staring at him the whole time, and told him nope, not mayo. He blushed and ran off.

He’ll be fun, I think.