Monday, April 26, 2010

On updates, or not a lot to tell

I seem to be going through a dry spell.

Jeremy is getting harder to hook up with, choosing to get closer to his girlfriend. Brian is out of town for a few weeks. The boss, while being flirty, is still on a sex embargo. I even tried Jason, he's sick.

It's frustrating. I heard my roommate and her boyfriend fucking last night, and spent an hour watching porn and masturbating. Liz keeps telling me about her new toy, she's apparently cheating on her hubby, and it's getting me all hot and bothered with no release.

Something better break soon. I love my toys, but sometimes you just need a good, hard cock.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

On black cocks, or it's been a long time

Sorry it’s been such a long time… had a rough and busy couple of weeks. Hopefully, I can get caught up here quickly, but I have to say, I have a new addiction…. I love black cock.

Seriously, I can’t get enough. Last night, I was at a party, and had a little too much to drink… and I ran into Jason and a few of his friends. Remember Jason of the huge cock and no skill to back it up? Well, Drunk Ally only remembers the huge cock.

About 5 minutes after running into him, we were in one of the bedrooms, with his 2 friends and another girl (a hot little pale Goth girl), with me on my knees jerking off Jason with both hands. Goth girl was sucking one of the other beautiful black cocks, while the third guy was taking off her cloths and starting to finger her pussy.

I watched them as I started trying to suck the monster cock down my throat, getting 6 inches in before I was gagging and coughing. Jason started smiling and holding my head in place, slowly fucking my mouth with his cock, when player three started stripping me down. Soon, I was topless, choking on Jason’s cock and jerking off his friend’s slightly smaller cock, watching a small pale girl get impaled on a good sized dark dick.

After a few minutes, I was roughly lifted up and flung onto the bed, my head hanging over the edge, as Jason continued his assault with his huge cock on my throat. In this position, almost the whole thing was sliding into my throat as his huge balls slapped against my forehead. I felt a tongue and fingers entering my pussy, licking me and fingering my slit, and I soon began moaning around Jason’s huge shaft. I could hear the Goth girl whimpering near my head, and could hear the sounds of flesh slapping together as she got fucked. She was soon screaming, and I heard someone else grunting, followed by heavy breathing, so I figured player two had just shot his load.

He wasn’t alone, as soon Jason pulled out and drenched my face with his cum, blasting it like a fire hose all over my head and hair and tits… there was so much, it seemed like it never ended. Finally, he slapped my face with his limp cock and sat on the ground, smiling and swearing. I look to my side to see Goth girl on all fours, a pool of cum on her ass, breathing hard. I pushed the guy eating me out away, got on all fours and directed him behind me while I leaned over and licked up the cum off her ass. Of course, as I was dripping with cum, this just for her more covered, but it got the guys going again.

Jason lined up behind Goth girl, and applied a liberal amount of spit to her tight asshole. I felt for her, as I knew what was coming, but she wiggled her ass happily. I watched it start to push in, hearing her moan, and then my vision was blocked as the other two guys took me, one fucking my cunt from behind, the other shoving his hardening cock down my throat.

Jason must have just been destroying that girl’s ass, though, because she was screaming loud, begging for a hard fuck the whole time. The guy I was sucking moved to fuck her throat, and my head was shoved between his ass, licking his asshole and rimming him while he fucked her mouth. The guy behind me pulled out, and without warning, pushed his cock into my ass. I screamed, and collapsed onto my chest, my arms giving way. He just grabbed them and pulled back, lifting my body up, and shoved my head back into his friend’s asshole.

He came quickly, forcing the Goth chick to swallow every drop, then moved aside, leaving me and her both being fucked in the ass and staring in each others faces. We leaned forward with each thrust, and soon we were kissing, and I could taste the cum in her mouth. We held on to each other, kissing and screaming as our assholes were pounded, until both guys came at around the same time, blowing their load up our asses. We collapsed next to each other, as the guys caught their breath and got dressed.

So, I made a new Goth friend, Lily. We promised each other, and the guys, that we would do this again. This morning, my ass regretted that, but last night, there was nothing wrong at all.