Friday, May 28, 2010

On the bottom

I think I've found my position of choice with Lily. It's the old stand by, the 69.

I think I spent 3 hours under her last night, tounges and fingers probing her sweet pussy over and over, trading orgasms with her all night long. I would suck and nibble her clit until she came, and she would reply by fingering my cunt and ass until I screamed my way to an orgasm, then I would return the favor. Eventually, she just collapsed on me, as we both panted, sweaty bodies stuck together, out of breath and spent.

I gave her another tongue lashing this morning as she talked dirty, telling me about how she wanted to watch me get fucked this weekend by all sorts of hard cocks and sweet lips, pounded like the fuck doll that I am... that kind of talk always gets me going.

I have plans to see Jeremy tomorrow, then the Orgy on Sunday... nervous but excited!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On Lily

So, we've been out on a few more dates this week... and every one has ended back in bed. Not really surprising, considering how we met, but I've never dated a woman or had this long a run of lesbian sex in a row.

It's not like we're exclusive, for either of us. We were out friday, dancing, and she took a guy to the bathroom for a blowjob. She then came back and slipped her tongue and some warm cum in my mouth. We left right after, me driving to her place while she laid the car seat back and masturbated, then using her toy box to it's fullest potential when we got to her place, handcuffs on, nipple clamps on, ball gag in, me on all fours and her fucking my holes with a dildo and a strap on, talking dirty in her sultry voice while she slaped my ass and made me scream into the gag. She's got this quiet yet dominating way in the bedroom that's so sexy.

I'm really finding out a lot about her as a person too. It's... nice. It's a relationship that I can get behind. We know what we want, and have no problem expressing that.

She invited me to an Orgy this Sunday. I've never been to an actual orgy, though I've had group sex a ton of times. I'm actually nervous. Not sure what to expect, but she swears that it'll be ok, and everyone there will have gone through testing and all that. I'm most likely going to go, got tested not two weeks ago, so I know I'm ok. It's just kind of... intimidating, I guess? We'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On dating women, or fun times.

So, went on my date with Lily... and it was good. It was different from most dates, as there wasn't the awkward tension you get with someone you've never seen naked. Since we had met while getting fucked by a trio of guys, that part was out in the open.

She's shorter then I though, about 5'1", but smoking hot. She wore a simple black dress and stockings that went well with her pale skin and dark hair. I picked her up at her place, got the quick tour of her apartment, then off to dinner.

Interesting conversation... a lot of talk about sex, which is not surprising considering how we met. She's 22, and might be more sexually open and experimental then I am, if that's at all possible.

After dinner, we went dancing. I love dancing with women, men drool over it, and frankly, women are usually better dancers. We got our share of stares and drooling, and some brave men tried to join us. We kind of lost all inhibitions on the floor, kissing and groping, spanking, licking... we both knew where this was headed.

Her place, and as soon as we got in her tongue was in my mouth and my finger was slipping into her wet, shaved pussy. A second joined, then a third, and I bent her over the arm of her couch, fingering her hard from behind while my tongue fucked he tight little asshole. She came fast, and hard, collapsing on the couch and panting. She led me back to her room, and the fun really started.

Her box of toys was brought out, but mostly just for the handcuffs she slapped on me. She slowly stripped herself, then me, then took her time licking and sucking away at my cunt. I came three times on her mouth, and she smiled and pushed a buttplug into my ass and a dildo into my cunt. Then she sat on my face, pulling my hair deep into her snatch, making me eat her dripping pussy while my holes were stuffed full. As she came, she yanked the dildo from me and fucked me with it, sending me over the edge again.

Dating girls should proove to be fun, I'm thinking.

Friday, May 14, 2010

On phone calls, or interesting experience.

Got two interesting phone calls last night.

First, Lily, my little goth girl friend who fucked the three guys with me, called and asked me on a date. This is new for me. I've had sex with other women quite a few times, but never really dated one. Of course I said yes, she's interesting, funny, and hot as hell, but I find I'm actually a little nervous about it.

The second was more immediately satisfying. My cousin, Lauren, who's husband's cock I enjoyed while at a funeral, called me, tipsy. They had been drinking, and she wanted to have me have phone sex with her husband while she did what I was describing.

Instantly, I was in. This was amazingly hot. I was on speaker phone, and I could hear every moan and whimper, every time their flesh slapped together, every time she gagged trying to deep throat his cock... it was amazing. For my part, I was using my favorite toys to simulate the experience on my side, but I'm betting they had it better.

I kept it pretty simple this time, he eats her, she sucks him, he fucks her doggie style, she rides him, he shoots all over her tits, but if it happens again, I'll push the boundaries. I know she's not a big fan of anal, but we'll see how far she's willing to take it. For my part, I'm hoping they can maybe get a web cam set up. Or they can visit. I'm good with either.

Here's to interesting new experiences, and more to come!

Here's hoping

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On scoring, or finally.

That's what I needed.

Went to a bar in my tightest top, shortest skirt, stockings and heals, finding a random guy with the balls to approach me and pick up on me, going back to my place with him after just ten minutes, jerking him off while he's driving... good start.

Getting him into my room, sucking his cock until he shoots all over my tits, getting him to lie on my bed while I sit on his face and let his mouth make me cum, moaning and panting when I'm not sucking his cock to get it back to hard... better.

Slipping the condom on him and lowering my dripping pussy down onto him, riding him hard and fast reverse cowgirl style, him spanking my ass and fingering my asshole the whole time, then cumming repeatedly on his dick before he shot his load... almost the best.

Him leaving after our fuckfest without me even knowing his name... icing on the cake.

The slut in me is satisfied, and more importantly, so is the rest of me for now. hopefully this gets me back on track.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On dry spells, and it's got to end soon

Still on a dry spell. I'm going crazy. I hear my roomate and her boyfriend fucking and just go insane. It's gotten to the point where I think about trying to fuck him after my roomate leaves in the morning.

It's got to end soon. I'm going out tonight to find a guy. I just need someone to fuck me hard, and then I can concentrate again. All that's on my mind all day right now, even more then normal, is sex. I fantisize all the time, I'm constantly watching porn and fucking myself, but it's not the same.

It ends tonight, I swear.