Friday, August 13, 2010

On the slut phase

My roomate has entered a slut phase after her breakup, and I'm getting the side benifits.

For those who are unaware, sometimes after a relationship ends, for whatever reason, a person will go through a phase where they become a total slut, fucking anyone and anything they can, sexually experimenting, etc. I'm kind of always in one, but this is a new experience for her.

She's had a different guy over pretty much every night. She made her first visit to a sex shop, buying herself some new toys and new porn. The other night I heard her beg the guy she was with to fuck her ass, something that previously was a no go with her. But two nights ago, that's when I felt the benifit.

I came home, and when I opened the door, I saw her, on her knees, wearing only an unbuttoned dress shirt, with some strange guy jerking off all over her face and tits. It was a starteling thing to open the door to, and I just kind of stood there in shock as his thick cum splattered her cheek and dripped down to her chest. She saw me staring, and just smiled and licked some of the sperm off her face as the guy slapped his dick against her chest.

So, of course, I was turned on. As I took in more of the scene, I noticed the empty wine bottles, and knew she had been drinking, which made sense. Sometimes when she's drunk, she likes threesomes. The guy, still standing over her, finally noticed me and said hello. "She said you would walk in on us. We tried waiting for you, but she got to eager." She kept her eyes on me as she slipped his limp cock into her mouth, cleaning it and making it hard again.

So... yeah, I joined. I imediately licked all the cum off her face and tits and spit it back into her mouth. We made out for a bit and my cloths got removed as the guy (I never got his name) got hard again, jerking off to us kissing and sucking and fingering each other. When he finally got hard, she was on her knees, eating me out while I sat on the couch. He fucked my face for a minute, then moved behind her to pound away at her tight pussy.

She started moaning, and I had to grab her hair and hold her mouth into place in my cunt, forcing her to eat me as she got fucked. I finally let her go after my orgasm, and I could tell the guy was close, because he had picked up the pace and was relentlessly fucking her. I knelt next to her, fingering her ass and reaching under him to fondle his balls, telling him I wanted to suck her juices off his shaft.

That's really all it took, and I was force fed a mouthful of dick. I tasted her tangy sweetness missed with him, and then I just tasted his hot load of cum as it shot down my throat. He pulled out and shot some across my tits and a little across her ass before he collapsed. I was really hoping he would recover for a round three, but no such luck. He was out the door 15 minutes later, and she was in bed, asleep, shortly after that.

But... I like her in slut mode. Hopefully, more benifits will come my way.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On drama, and how I created it

My life is currently stressed, and it's partially my fault.

A few nights ago, Lily and I were at my place. We had fooled around and were going to sleep, when we heard my roomie and her boyfriend start going at it. Loud, angry, hard fucking through a thin wall. Of course, we started fooling around, and she asked me about the times I had joined them. Of course, I went into explicit detail, which got her excited, and I ended up screaming right along with my roomie as I got my pussy pounded by a large strap on.

The next morning, my roomie and I left for work. Apparently, Lily took this oppurtunity to slip in the shower with the boyfriend, give her a blowjob, and then get her ass fucked by him. He and my roomie have been fighting a lot, and he took some photos of this event and sent them to my roomate, who had little difficulty figuring out who the cute goth girl with a mouthful of her boyfriends cock was, and the messages he sent her ("see, some girls will take it up the ass", accompanied by the explicit photo) didn't help things either. On a totally unrelated note, these were some hot photos.

So they broke up. And now, understandably, she's pissed at Lily, and a litle pissed at me. And I'm kinda pissed at Lily, not that she fucked some guy, but the choice of guy. And she seems oblivious to the fact that she might have done something wrong. So we haven't seen each other in a few days, which I think is good for my relatinship with my roomie. But it still sucks.

Now, I get sent some new pictures of her fucking him, and it's starting to really piss me off. Maybe I'm just overreacting.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I hate being sick

I've had the flu for a few days now. It sucks. It just drains you, makes you tired, and destroys your sex drive. Except it doesn't for me, but I can't do anything without getting other people sick. So I'm by myself, but I hear my roomate fucking all the time, and have to just get myself off, but I'm so sore and exhausted even that is hard.

I hate being sick.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On a frustrating night, in a good way

Oh, last night... never before has hours of not having an orgasm turned into such an amazing night.

First, during the day, I gave the boss his midday blow job, followed by an amazing tit fuck. So, while I had a great time, I never came, so I was stewing and dreaming of getting laid all day. Luckily, I had made plans for later that night with Chris, an old friend. I was craving a good huge thick black cock, and Chris was willing to oblige.

Things became interesting when Lily wanted to join in. I knew Chris would love it, of course, and she's always fun to have around, so I said yes. We had a quickie in the shower before putting on slutty outfits and grabbing the needed toys, and going to Chris's place.

Chris.. well, he loves being in charge. When we walked in, he immediately gave me orders to go to the bedroom, strip, put on a collar and leash, a pair of nipple clamps, and a blindfold, and just wait on my knees. Before he was even done with his instructions, Lily was on her knees, fishing his cock out of his pants. I figured I might have a bit of a wait, but I got ready and took my position.

I waited for about 10 minutes, but I could hear grunting from the other room. The door finally opened, and I heard Lily just say "Her face." I was immediately covered with a hot load of cum on my face, dripping down to my tits. I opened my mouth, and his thick cock was pushed in, and I could taste Lilys pussy all over it as I cleaned it off. He got hard in my mouth before pulling out and pulling me to my feet by my hair. He bent me over, and tied my wrists to his bottom bedposts. I had a limited range of movement, but was pretty much stuck bent over.

I felt him move behind me, and his cock pushed against me, and he sunk all the way into my cunt. I moaned, and kept moaning as I felt the paddle slap down on my ass. And Again. And again. His cock didn't move, but my ass was hit at least a dozen times. Finally it stopped, and he pulled his cock out...except for the head.

He kept the head in me, but didn't move. I moaned and tried to push back, to take him in farther, but I couldn't move back. I started sqeezing my cunt, hoping it would encuorage him to fuck me, but he just stood there. I begged, but he said he was already being taken care of, and then my blindfold was removed.

Lily knelt behind him, licking his balls and asshole, and jerking his shaft while the head was still in my cunt. Eventually, it became too much for him, but instead of just pushing into me, he pulled out and bent her over right next to me. She just smiled and licked her lips at me, and he pushed deep into her ass. I stood, frustrated, watching her get buttfucked for 30 minutes, screaming, switching positions, but always staying where I could see them. When he said he was about to cum, she just said "Her ass". He pulled out, ran behind me, and pushed into my ass twice before shooting his load.

He pulled out and once again made me clean his cock, before sitting in a chair and relaxing a bit. Lily moved under me and told me to eat her, as she started sucking the cum out of my asshole. It was hard to reach her pussy in this position, but I managed as she licked my asshole and then moved to my clit. She came quickly on my mouth, her third of the night, but just as I was about to cum she stopped. I swore at her as she tightened my nipple clamps, but she just smiled and went to suck on Chris's hardening cock.

When he was finally hard, she moved him behind me, and moved to lay on the bed, putting her tasty snatch right in my face. She pulled on my nipple clamps, making me screm, and then ground her pussy onto my mouth. At the same time, Chris shoved his cock all the way into my ass, hard, and kept pounding and pounding away. I came, finally, but he didn't stop. I collapsed, but he picked me up one leg and kept plowing into me. If I paused in eating Lily, she would pull on my nipples, slap me, then force my mouth back to work.

Lily came twice more on my mouth, and I came three times with Chris in my ass. When he was about to cum, Lily told him "Her mouth." He quickly gagged me on his hard cock and pounded my throat for 5 minutes before shooting his load. Cum dripped all out of my mouth, and he pulled out, slapping my face with his cock and splattering cum all over me.

So yeah.. frustrating start, but SOOO worth the wait at the end!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On the long wait

It seems like I keep saying this, but sorry for the pause in posting. Real life interfeared, including a long fight with Lily that was totally my fault, and it kind of dragged down my sex life. However, things are now back to booming.

The fight was over Lily's ex coming into town. She's a nice girl, her name is Kate, and she's drop dead gorgeous. She's a Disney Princess. I mean, literally, she works on a Disney cruise ship as the little mermaid. She's tall, thin, long red hair, huge tits, bright green eyes, freckles, long legs, tight ass... she's perfect. I admit to insecurity, and I started a fight because of it, totally breaking our no jealousy rule.

We made up end of last week, and we made up good. Long nights (and days) of hot, sweaty sex with Lily have been filling my time. Kate even joined a few times before she left. I can now say I've been fucked by the Little Mermaid with a huge black strap on, and that I've tongue fucked Ariel's ass while she ate Lily. Who else can say that.

I've also started fucking my boss again. He's been sending meaningful glances in my direction for a few weeks now, but he's the one who ended our fun, so I made him suffer. Well, last friday, I couldn't take it any more. I was wearing one of my sluttier outfits, and he was eye humping me all day. So around 2, when he was on a call, I went into his office, locked his door, took off my top and knelt in front of him, looking up at him with my mouth open.

He didn't even pause, he kept on talking on his call while he pulled out his hard cock and shoved it in my mouth. I gagged for a moment, but he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my deeper onto his shaft. He pounded my throat for a minute, then let go. I quickly took his balls into my mouth and sucked them as I jerked his shaft off. His breathing picked up, and he had to bite his lip to not yell as his cum shot all over my face.

I got up, leaving the cum dripping down, and sat in one of the chairs across his desk, hiking up my skirt and letting him watch as I slid two fingers into my wet pussy. I stared at him as I fingered myself furiously, and I could tell he was trying to get the call to end. His cock was hard again, and he was jerking it while watching me.

When the call finally ended, he was across the desk in a heartbeat, dragging me up by my hair for a hard kiss before spinning me around and pushing my down on all fours. He pulled off his tie and shoved it in my mouth, saying "don't scream, bitch" right before his cock found its way into my wet cunt. I screamed into the tie, which did a pretty good job of muffling me.

He grabbed my tits, using them to pull me back on his dick as he pounded me over and over. My knees started hurting from the rug burn, but he kept pounding until he pulled out, moved to stand over my face, and his second cumshot joined his first on my face. He pulled the tie out and made me lick his cock and balls clean before he stood up and put his cloths back on. He made me wipe the cum off my face with my hand then swallow it all, then let me get up and get dressed.

It's been like that every day sense, although we did go to his place for lunch today so he could fuck my ass and hear me scream. I think he realised a good thing, I doubt he'll quit so easily this time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

On bachlor parties, or honeymoon in Vegas

So, the reason I was in slut mode (more then usual) at the orgy was that on Friday, I saw Jeremy. And after painting my throat white with his cum, he told me he had found out his girlfriend was pregnant, and that they were getting married in Vegas next weekend, and he wanted me there.

On one hand, I was happy for him, because he seemed happy (although most guys do after a blowjob, I find.) On the other hand, I know this means we're most likely done. I just get the feeling that he'll settle down once he's actually married with a kid, and stop fucking around on her.

So I went to Vegas. And I went to the bachlorette party, which was kind of odd, because I'm not really close to her, and I've been fucking her fiance for forever, but whatever. We got drunk, saw some strippers, I made out with one of her friends, and everything was good.

At about 2 in the morning, I got a call from Jeremy, so I bowed out of the bachlorette party and met up with the guys at their hotel room. It was Jeremy and his older brother, and three of his friends. When I got there, one of his friends had a blond head bobbing up and down in his lap, and another had a black girl spread eagle with his tongue in her snatch. So I got the feeling this wasn't just an invite to hang with the boys.

So I go with it, and within seconds, I'm naked on all fours, Jeremy's dick deep in my throat while his brother eats me from behind. I can hear the sounds of sex all around me, with flesh slapping against flesh and moans filling the room. Before long, Jeremy's brothers cock replaces his tongue at my pussy, and I'm filled deep from both ends.

The night became a blur of sex and booze. I remember having Jeremy below me, riding his cock, and his brother in my ass, and his friends in my mouth and both hands as I worked to satisfy them all at once. At some point near the end I was passed around the room, each man taking a turn fucking my tits and covering my face with their cum. I also remember vaguely that pictures were being taken, but I didn't care. It was kind of my last time with Jeremy, I think, so I was his fuck toy to use as he pleased.

After the wedding, I sucked his brother off again before I came home. Depressed or not, I still want cock.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The orgy

Sorry, again. This was supposed to be posted last week, but… things happened. Not good things, either, but that has nothing to do with this. So, without further ado… the orgy.

I was already kinda in slut mode, due to the night before with Jeremy (more on that later), and feeling really nervous. I mean, I’ve had group sex before, but not preplanned orgy type group sex. Lily was wearing a black dress, in her goth style, and nothing else (I checked), and I went with the tank top and mini combo. We both figured the fewer cloths, the better. We also had talked about participation and not getting jealous and all that, so we figured our bases were covered.

When we got there, it was already started. There was some hardcore porn on the tv, and the first thing I saw when I walked in was a middle aged blond on her knees alternating her mouth between two guys. Our hosts, a couple about 40 years old who looked really good (plastic surgery for her, I was later told), showed us around and set down the rules of the party. The kitchen was the “time out” area, but the rest of the house, and it’s participants were fair game.

Lily, being more experienced then me, gave me a kiss and ran off to join the fun, leaving me in the kitchen with a slightly chubby but hot young brunette, with amazingly huge tits, and a young (I’d be surprised if he was 21) guy, tall and built. We made nervous small talk for a while, but they soon both went out to have fun, leaving me alone.

I was there for probably half an hour, drinking beer and working up courage, when I heard familiar moaning. Peeking my head out, I saw Lily bent over the arm of a couch, a huge cock pistoning in and out of her. I watched for a minute, finished my beer, and decided now was the time. I sat on the couch in front of her, hiked up my skirt, and pulled her mouth down to my pussy.

She began licking and sucking, moaning into my cunt. I was getting hot, and a cock soon appeared near my mouth, and I wasted no time in greedily sucking it all down. And that was all I needed. He came in my mouth after 5 minutes, the guy fucking Lily pulled out and came all over my tits, and I was all over the place.

Lily and I 69’d while guys fucked us, going from her cunt to my mouth and vice versa. I spent a half hour just getting cum shot on me, swallowing it, having it sprayed on my tits and face. I was fucked up the ass in the bathroom, bent over the sink, looking in the mirror as the young guy from the kitchen pounded me for over half an hour.

I was tit fucked on the couch while watching two guys fuck Lily standing up, one in her ass and one in her cunt, as they lifted her and dropped her down on their shafts, and she screamed for more. I was pounded by a strap on from our host while sucking her husband. I was triple penetrated, and at the end, I was double teamed in the shower by two huge cocks, swallowing their loads before cleaning myself off to go home.

I was sore, and I was tired, but god damn it, I was satisfied. You can bet I’d do it again, if the right group of people asked.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sorry, folks

Sorry, dear readers, about the lack of posting recently. It's not that I'm not fucking, it's just that I've been amazingly busy and rushed. I had the orgy (will post details later, but amazing), an hurried wedding in vegas (also good stories), and a runaway week vacation with Lily (was amazing.) I'll try to catch up in the next few days, and I do apologize.

Friday, May 28, 2010

On the bottom

I think I've found my position of choice with Lily. It's the old stand by, the 69.

I think I spent 3 hours under her last night, tounges and fingers probing her sweet pussy over and over, trading orgasms with her all night long. I would suck and nibble her clit until she came, and she would reply by fingering my cunt and ass until I screamed my way to an orgasm, then I would return the favor. Eventually, she just collapsed on me, as we both panted, sweaty bodies stuck together, out of breath and spent.

I gave her another tongue lashing this morning as she talked dirty, telling me about how she wanted to watch me get fucked this weekend by all sorts of hard cocks and sweet lips, pounded like the fuck doll that I am... that kind of talk always gets me going.

I have plans to see Jeremy tomorrow, then the Orgy on Sunday... nervous but excited!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On Lily

So, we've been out on a few more dates this week... and every one has ended back in bed. Not really surprising, considering how we met, but I've never dated a woman or had this long a run of lesbian sex in a row.

It's not like we're exclusive, for either of us. We were out friday, dancing, and she took a guy to the bathroom for a blowjob. She then came back and slipped her tongue and some warm cum in my mouth. We left right after, me driving to her place while she laid the car seat back and masturbated, then using her toy box to it's fullest potential when we got to her place, handcuffs on, nipple clamps on, ball gag in, me on all fours and her fucking my holes with a dildo and a strap on, talking dirty in her sultry voice while she slaped my ass and made me scream into the gag. She's got this quiet yet dominating way in the bedroom that's so sexy.

I'm really finding out a lot about her as a person too. It's... nice. It's a relationship that I can get behind. We know what we want, and have no problem expressing that.

She invited me to an Orgy this Sunday. I've never been to an actual orgy, though I've had group sex a ton of times. I'm actually nervous. Not sure what to expect, but she swears that it'll be ok, and everyone there will have gone through testing and all that. I'm most likely going to go, got tested not two weeks ago, so I know I'm ok. It's just kind of... intimidating, I guess? We'll see how it goes.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On dating women, or fun times.

So, went on my date with Lily... and it was good. It was different from most dates, as there wasn't the awkward tension you get with someone you've never seen naked. Since we had met while getting fucked by a trio of guys, that part was out in the open.

She's shorter then I though, about 5'1", but smoking hot. She wore a simple black dress and stockings that went well with her pale skin and dark hair. I picked her up at her place, got the quick tour of her apartment, then off to dinner.

Interesting conversation... a lot of talk about sex, which is not surprising considering how we met. She's 22, and might be more sexually open and experimental then I am, if that's at all possible.

After dinner, we went dancing. I love dancing with women, men drool over it, and frankly, women are usually better dancers. We got our share of stares and drooling, and some brave men tried to join us. We kind of lost all inhibitions on the floor, kissing and groping, spanking, licking... we both knew where this was headed.

Her place, and as soon as we got in her tongue was in my mouth and my finger was slipping into her wet, shaved pussy. A second joined, then a third, and I bent her over the arm of her couch, fingering her hard from behind while my tongue fucked he tight little asshole. She came fast, and hard, collapsing on the couch and panting. She led me back to her room, and the fun really started.

Her box of toys was brought out, but mostly just for the handcuffs she slapped on me. She slowly stripped herself, then me, then took her time licking and sucking away at my cunt. I came three times on her mouth, and she smiled and pushed a buttplug into my ass and a dildo into my cunt. Then she sat on my face, pulling my hair deep into her snatch, making me eat her dripping pussy while my holes were stuffed full. As she came, she yanked the dildo from me and fucked me with it, sending me over the edge again.

Dating girls should proove to be fun, I'm thinking.

Friday, May 14, 2010

On phone calls, or interesting experience.

Got two interesting phone calls last night.

First, Lily, my little goth girl friend who fucked the three guys with me, called and asked me on a date. This is new for me. I've had sex with other women quite a few times, but never really dated one. Of course I said yes, she's interesting, funny, and hot as hell, but I find I'm actually a little nervous about it.

The second was more immediately satisfying. My cousin, Lauren, who's husband's cock I enjoyed while at a funeral, called me, tipsy. They had been drinking, and she wanted to have me have phone sex with her husband while she did what I was describing.

Instantly, I was in. This was amazingly hot. I was on speaker phone, and I could hear every moan and whimper, every time their flesh slapped together, every time she gagged trying to deep throat his cock... it was amazing. For my part, I was using my favorite toys to simulate the experience on my side, but I'm betting they had it better.

I kept it pretty simple this time, he eats her, she sucks him, he fucks her doggie style, she rides him, he shoots all over her tits, but if it happens again, I'll push the boundaries. I know she's not a big fan of anal, but we'll see how far she's willing to take it. For my part, I'm hoping they can maybe get a web cam set up. Or they can visit. I'm good with either.

Here's to interesting new experiences, and more to come!

Here's hoping

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On scoring, or finally.

That's what I needed.

Went to a bar in my tightest top, shortest skirt, stockings and heals, finding a random guy with the balls to approach me and pick up on me, going back to my place with him after just ten minutes, jerking him off while he's driving... good start.

Getting him into my room, sucking his cock until he shoots all over my tits, getting him to lie on my bed while I sit on his face and let his mouth make me cum, moaning and panting when I'm not sucking his cock to get it back to hard... better.

Slipping the condom on him and lowering my dripping pussy down onto him, riding him hard and fast reverse cowgirl style, him spanking my ass and fingering my asshole the whole time, then cumming repeatedly on his dick before he shot his load... almost the best.

Him leaving after our fuckfest without me even knowing his name... icing on the cake.

The slut in me is satisfied, and more importantly, so is the rest of me for now. hopefully this gets me back on track.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On dry spells, and it's got to end soon

Still on a dry spell. I'm going crazy. I hear my roomate and her boyfriend fucking and just go insane. It's gotten to the point where I think about trying to fuck him after my roomate leaves in the morning.

It's got to end soon. I'm going out tonight to find a guy. I just need someone to fuck me hard, and then I can concentrate again. All that's on my mind all day right now, even more then normal, is sex. I fantisize all the time, I'm constantly watching porn and fucking myself, but it's not the same.

It ends tonight, I swear.

Monday, April 26, 2010

On updates, or not a lot to tell

I seem to be going through a dry spell.

Jeremy is getting harder to hook up with, choosing to get closer to his girlfriend. Brian is out of town for a few weeks. The boss, while being flirty, is still on a sex embargo. I even tried Jason, he's sick.

It's frustrating. I heard my roommate and her boyfriend fucking last night, and spent an hour watching porn and masturbating. Liz keeps telling me about her new toy, she's apparently cheating on her hubby, and it's getting me all hot and bothered with no release.

Something better break soon. I love my toys, but sometimes you just need a good, hard cock.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

On black cocks, or it's been a long time

Sorry it’s been such a long time… had a rough and busy couple of weeks. Hopefully, I can get caught up here quickly, but I have to say, I have a new addiction…. I love black cock.

Seriously, I can’t get enough. Last night, I was at a party, and had a little too much to drink… and I ran into Jason and a few of his friends. Remember Jason of the huge cock and no skill to back it up? Well, Drunk Ally only remembers the huge cock.

About 5 minutes after running into him, we were in one of the bedrooms, with his 2 friends and another girl (a hot little pale Goth girl), with me on my knees jerking off Jason with both hands. Goth girl was sucking one of the other beautiful black cocks, while the third guy was taking off her cloths and starting to finger her pussy.

I watched them as I started trying to suck the monster cock down my throat, getting 6 inches in before I was gagging and coughing. Jason started smiling and holding my head in place, slowly fucking my mouth with his cock, when player three started stripping me down. Soon, I was topless, choking on Jason’s cock and jerking off his friend’s slightly smaller cock, watching a small pale girl get impaled on a good sized dark dick.

After a few minutes, I was roughly lifted up and flung onto the bed, my head hanging over the edge, as Jason continued his assault with his huge cock on my throat. In this position, almost the whole thing was sliding into my throat as his huge balls slapped against my forehead. I felt a tongue and fingers entering my pussy, licking me and fingering my slit, and I soon began moaning around Jason’s huge shaft. I could hear the Goth girl whimpering near my head, and could hear the sounds of flesh slapping together as she got fucked. She was soon screaming, and I heard someone else grunting, followed by heavy breathing, so I figured player two had just shot his load.

He wasn’t alone, as soon Jason pulled out and drenched my face with his cum, blasting it like a fire hose all over my head and hair and tits… there was so much, it seemed like it never ended. Finally, he slapped my face with his limp cock and sat on the ground, smiling and swearing. I look to my side to see Goth girl on all fours, a pool of cum on her ass, breathing hard. I pushed the guy eating me out away, got on all fours and directed him behind me while I leaned over and licked up the cum off her ass. Of course, as I was dripping with cum, this just for her more covered, but it got the guys going again.

Jason lined up behind Goth girl, and applied a liberal amount of spit to her tight asshole. I felt for her, as I knew what was coming, but she wiggled her ass happily. I watched it start to push in, hearing her moan, and then my vision was blocked as the other two guys took me, one fucking my cunt from behind, the other shoving his hardening cock down my throat.

Jason must have just been destroying that girl’s ass, though, because she was screaming loud, begging for a hard fuck the whole time. The guy I was sucking moved to fuck her throat, and my head was shoved between his ass, licking his asshole and rimming him while he fucked her mouth. The guy behind me pulled out, and without warning, pushed his cock into my ass. I screamed, and collapsed onto my chest, my arms giving way. He just grabbed them and pulled back, lifting my body up, and shoved my head back into his friend’s asshole.

He came quickly, forcing the Goth chick to swallow every drop, then moved aside, leaving me and her both being fucked in the ass and staring in each others faces. We leaned forward with each thrust, and soon we were kissing, and I could taste the cum in her mouth. We held on to each other, kissing and screaming as our assholes were pounded, until both guys came at around the same time, blowing their load up our asses. We collapsed next to each other, as the guys caught their breath and got dressed.

So, I made a new Goth friend, Lily. We promised each other, and the guys, that we would do this again. This morning, my ass regretted that, but last night, there was nothing wrong at all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On the Boss, or things change

So the Boss seamed to be enjoying our... not relationship, not agreement... our involvement. Monday I slid his cock between my tits while he sat in his chair until he exploded onto my face, and Tuesday I was flat on my back on his desk with his cock slamming me and his hands around my throat. I came so hard I almost passed out, and he soon filled my pussy with his cum.

Today, however, he decided that we needed to talk (after I blew him and swallowed his load while he was on a phone call, of course.) He's worried this is going to far, he's my boss, etc. I explained I wasn't after his money or his love, just his cock, but he said he needed to think about this and maybe we should lay off for a while.

So that's that, for now. Maybe he'll change his mind, maybe not, but it was good while it lasted. I hope to continue it, but we'll see.

On another note, thanks for all those who are writing me. I'm loving getting your emails and chatting with you on gchat, it makes my days go faster and be more exciting.

Tonight, tennis and dinner with my friend Anna. Girls night out!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On Friday, or a new type of threesome...

So… Friday.

No boss, so no midday snack, as it were. I filled Liz in on our little fun, and not only was she not surprised, but the little slut had an affair with the Boss a few years back. I was a little surprised, but not totally shocked. In her experience, there was a lot of kink I had yet to uncover in him, so that’s something to look forward to.

I spent all day emailing dirty things back and forth with a few people (I love doing this, by the way, so feel free to email me dirty thoughts or fantasies any time, I’ll do my best to respond in kind), so I was quite excited. I called an old friend of mine, Dennis, and agreed to meet him at a bar. He’s an old friend and occasional lover, so this was business as usual for us.

I got there, and Dennis had brought a friend, Jeff. Good looking, young guy, so I thought maybe Dennis was aiming for a threesome. I’m game, as always. I have had every type of threesome: two guys, two girls, a couple, etc, so this didn’t throw me off. In fact, I was kinda excited about it, and we quickly retired to Dennis’s house.

We had a few more drinks and sat on the couch, me in between them, and turned on the TV. We quickly found a Cinemax skin flick, and soon I was rubbing both their bulges through their jeans. We made out for a while, with Dennis fingering me and Jeff sucking and biting on my tits. My cloths were quickly gone, and their cocks were quickly out as I knelt between them, sucking them in turn. That’s when things turned different.

I sucked Dennis for a minute, then turned to suck Jeff when Dennis knelt beside me and took Jeffs balls into his mouth. I’ve never been in a threesome where they guys were interested in doing anything but high fiving each other as I fucked them both, but Dennis took Jeff’s cock out of my mouth and down his throat.

I was surprised, but for some reason it got me even wetter. Dennis and I took turns sucking Jeff off, with me stroking Dennis’s shaft the whole time, before Jeff finally came in my mouth. Dennis quickly kissed me, his tongue searching my mouth for the other mans cum. We both swallowed the warm jism while Dennis sat on the couch and I impaled my cunt onto his hard shaft.

I rode Dennis hard and fast, and before long Jeff stood on the couch between us. He shoved his cock back into Dennis’s mouth, and pulled my head into his ass, holding it there tight as I rimmed his asshole. I could hear Dennis gagging on Jeff’s cock, but Jeff held us both tightly, making us both his playthings. It must have made Dennis excited, because his thrusting became harder and more urgent, and he flooded my cunt with his cum.

Jeff noticed, and pushed me over so I was sitting on the couch, cum slowly leaking from my pussy. Jeff shoved Dennis’s face in my crotch, demanding he eat my cunt. At the same time, Jeff slowly pushed his cock into Dennis’s ass, then began his torrid pace of thrusting.

I’ve been in this position before, but it was always another woman eating me out. Now it was Dennis’s mouth slumping his own cum out of my pussy while Jeff fucked his ass without remorse. It took almost no time for Dennis to get hard again, and Jeff pulled out while I was forced onto my knees. Dennis wasted no time in shoving his dick in my tight ass, making me scream, and then Jeff got back into position and shoved his cock in Dennis. It was clear I was the bottom of this totem poll, a sex toy for the two men, and that suited me just fine.

My ass was used for about 10 minutes in this fashion, and then Jeff directed Dennis to sit on the couch and for me to mount him, cowgirl style. Jeff then used my ass for his pleasure as the two double penetrated me and made me scream over and over. Jeff pulled out a few times to make me suck his cock, going from my ass to my mouth to Dennis’s mouth back to my ass. Dennis wrapped his hands around my throat, choking me hard as he drilled my cunt. Both came within seconds of each other, and I quickly followed.

It continued that way all night. I’m not sure if Jeff was really bi or not, because he never touched Dennis’s cock, he just didn’t seem to care where his went, but he was a machine. A nasty, tit fucking, ass licking, pussy pounding machine. I left Dennis’s house after breakfast and blowjobs for both of them, which meant they both had cum in all of my holes, and then some. It was an incredible threesome, and one we may repeat. A girl can hope.

Monday, March 22, 2010

On last week, or sorry for not posting sooner

Last week was a good week.

Monday, I got a brief welcome back from Jeremy in the form of his cock pounding my mouth for half an hour before covering my throat in his cum. I don’t know what it is about the guy, but even swallowing his load is better then sex with most guys.

Tuesday was finally the day. I had gone over to Brian’s at lunch for a quickie, and before I could walk in, I heard moaning. Looking through his front window I say him pounding the shit out of some girl who was on all fours. He was slapping her ass and telling her what a slut she was, and she was screaming like a whore. I watched from his front window, getting wetter and wetter. He finally noticed me after about 5 minutes, and smiles at me as he continued to pound her, insult her, and make her voice crack. Finally, he pulled out and went to her face, spraying his cum all over her as I watched. I caught my breath and went back to my car, sexually frustrated but happy with the show.

So back at work, stewing in my sexual juices, I was called into my bosses office to take notes during a call. I was in one of my easy to fuck in outfits, and showing a lot of skin, so when I walked into his office and shut his door I made sure he had a good view. All during the call, his eyes were plastered to my legs or my chest, and every time he looked at my face I licked my lips or sucked on my pen tip. I was being a wanton slut, but I needed something.

After the call he circled around to sit on his desk and “talk”, and I could see his cock pushing against his pants. So I took the initiative, dropped my pen, and bent over, grinding my ass against his bulge. He reached out and brushed up against my hips, and I reached behind me to rub his cock through his pants and ask “will there be anything else?”

I was on my knees seconds later, taking his thick cock into my mouth while looking up at him and smiling. He just sat back and watched. It was a slow, sloppy blowjob that ended with him holding my head in place and fucking my mouth until I swallowed every drop of his cum. I happily licked my lips, zipped him up, and walked out of his office.

I stopped by Brian’s on the way home from work, and I was an inferno of pure sex. We fucked for hours. He came in my mouth, all over my tits, in my cunt, and after an hour of hard, nasty, animal sex, he blew his last load up my ass. I was covered in scratch marks, welts, handprints, spit and cum, but I finally got relief.

I blew my boss again the next day, while he sat at his desk doing work. It made me feel so naughty, like an object there for convenience and nothing more. Thursday, he finally bent me over his desk and fucked me, spraying his cum all over my ass after a rough and fast 10 minute pounding. We had to try to be quiet, but I’m sure someone caught on. When he was done, I lay there panting for 5 minutes, his cum dripping off me, before he wiped me off and sent me out. I have a feeling I’m his new office plaything. I like this.

Friday… will be covered in another post. Amazing threesome. More to come later, promise.

Kisses, everyone.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

contact me!

So, I’ve created an email address purely for this blog and people who read it who want to contact me.

I look forward to hearing from interesting folks 

A brief aside

So, I got a call from my cousin, Lauren, who's husband I blew at the wedding. Apparently, they have an "open marriage", and she was quite excited to hear about me sucking her husbands cock. They want to come down and visit me soon.

This could be very interesting. Lauren is 2 years older then me, and when we were teens we practiced kissing each other. It gets me a little wet just thinking about it now.

I'll post more about my week a little later, it was exciting.

Friday, March 12, 2010

On funerals, or the rumors are true

So, I've been out of town this week for my Grandmothers funeral. It's sad, but not unexpected, we've known it's been coming for a long time and I said my good byes a long time ago. Besides, this isn't a blog about my feelings or memories, so I'll just say one thing.

Funerals DO make women horny. Or at least me.

I don't know what it is, but every chance I had this weekend I was throwing myself at any guy who came around. And I mean any guy. I picked up a stranger at a bar my second night in and fucked him for hours, turning into a complete slut and doing anything he asked. He took video on his phone of me blowing him and him cuming all over my face and tits, tied my hands behind my back and fisted my cunt while I sucked his cock back to life, then pounded my ass until he came again. He finished my off in the shower, covering my in his piss before he made me swallow his cum.

That was only the begining. At the service itself, I once again felt myself getting hot, so after the reception I got a mouthful of my cousins husband, sucking him before riding his cock until he blew in my pussy. I feel kind of bad, as my cousin and I are somewhat close, and actually she was who I got my first french kiss from, but when I needed cock, he was ready, willing, and able. Later that night, another stranger from a different bar got a quick blowjob in the bathroom before taking me to his hotel room and making me cum 3 times. He had amazing oral skills, and his cock slid into my pussy just right as he fucked my doggie style and told me what a whore I was.

So now I'm back home, and still horny. My toys will do for tonight, but then I get back into my play things.

Friday, March 5, 2010

On this week, or being the other woman

Apologies for the lack of posts, but it’s been a great week.

Jeremy’s girlfriend has been out of town all week, so we’ve been catching up. I’ve always thought Jeremy and I could be a couple if not for my need to fuck a ton of people. Jer always has thought it was ok for him to fuck around, but never his woman. That’s an issue for me. So I take being his friend and fuck buddy just fine, and this week, we’ve made up for lost time.

She left Tuesday afternoon, and by 6 Tuesday night I had swallowed his cum 3 times. I took Wednesday off to recover from the all night ass pounding he gave me (delaying my flirt time with my boss, but I’m sure I’ll get him soon enough.) It didn’t do me any good, as he continued his marathon ass fucking Wednesday, going from my ass to my mouth for over an hour before finally spilling his load into my willing throat. Most of Wednesday night was spent with each of us recovering, pausing only for a slow, long blowjob.

Thursday I limped back to work, sitting on my tender ass most of the day. My boss noticed and I think wanted to say something, but he’s still shy. Liz, of course, guessed what had happened, so I filled her in on all the details. She’s given up her lesbian experimentation, but is still a little horny bitch, and I could tell the stories got to her.

Thursday night, Jer and I had a nice dinner, then we went to a nice little… well, to a sex club. Mostly, we just watched people fucking for hours while I devoured his cock over and over, swallowing his cum 3 times over the course of the night. At one point, another patron asked to join us, and he pounded my pussy while I gobbled Jer. Our friend pulled out and came all over my back just as Jer shot his final load into my mouth.

After we left the club, Jer insisted I masturbate on the way home. I fingered my slutty cunt all the way to his place, cumming loudly and talking like a whore the whole time. I was well rewarded, when we got to his house he bent me over the hood of his car in the garage. He was almost spent, so it took over an hour of him going from hole to hole to hole, abusing me in every position. I came with his cock deep in my cunt as he fucked my doggie style, I came as I lay on the hood of his car, head hanging over the side as he fucked my throat and he practically fisted my twat, and I came as I rode him reverse cowgirl with his cock in my ass.

He finally exploded all over my face and practically passed out. I dragged him inside, and he and I fell into his bed. We fell asleep that way, me covered in his cum and still wearing my heals. He woke me this morning with his dick choking me, and he rewarded me with one last yummy load before our week of fun was over. I helped clean up, removing all traces of me from his place. I went to work, doing the old walk of shame, as I was wearing the same outfit. Midway through the day, my boss asked me about a stain on my shirt. It was quite clearly cum, but my boss asked if it was mayo. I licked my finger clean, staring at him the whole time, and told him nope, not mayo. He blushed and ran off.

He’ll be fun, I think.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

On sickness, or been a long time...

I got what seems to be the flu late Monday night, so I've mostly been stuck at home this week. It's been so bad I haven't even masturbated until last night. All I've done is try to eat soup, drink juice, take hot baths and sleep.

Last night I started feeling a bit better, and when my roomate started having loud and enthusiasctic sex with her boyfriend, it got to be too much for me. I got out my favorite vibrator and brought myself to multiple orgasms, imagining myself joining them (I've done this only once, and it was one of those "I'm not allowed to touch him, only her" deals.) or even imagining myself with my boss. I've started picking up the flirting with him, and caught him sneeking peaks at my tits when I lean over in front of him or my ass when I bend over.

Hopefully this next week will be more fun. One can only hope.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On cock size, or it's not everything

So I met up with Jason on Sunday night, and was kind of excited. From what I recalled of the gangbang, he was fantastic, and it got my juices churning just thinking about it.

We met for a few drinks, but quickly ended up back at his place. We made out for a while, but I was eager to see the monster again, so I fished it out of his pants and slowly started jerking it while I whispered all the nasty things I wanted him to do. I started going down on him, but as before, couldn't fit a whole lot in my mouth. My top came off, and he mentioned wanting to fuck my tits, so I applied some lotion and he went to town. He was long enough for me to suck him while he abused my tits, pinching my nipples while fucking them. I have to admit, his dark black cock looked hot in between my pale tits. He quickly deposited a load all over my face and neck, letting it drip onto my chest.

While he recovered, he decided to go down on me, and this is where the issues started. Apparently, Jason always counted on his big cock, and never refined any sexual skills. His oral skills were a joke. He had no idea what he was doing, and quite frankly it irritated me more then got me hot. After a few minutes, I was tired of it and begged him to fuck me. I has hoping that would be good.

Strike two. First, while I was stuffed full, Jason had no technique. He pretty much got as much of it in my pussy as he could, then spasmed on top of me. Not really hot. Tried doggie style, pretty much the same thing, except he thought he was the man and started talking dirty. Now, while I'm having good sex, talking dirty is amazing. During bad sex, it's annoying.

He tried to talk me into taking it up the ass again, but I backed off with the "it hurt way too much" excuse. Finally, he pulled out and came all over my back and ass. He thought he was amazing. He was not.

So, guys, size does matter, but it's not everything. Learn technique, I will garauntee you it'll get you more pussy then just a huge dick.

On another note, got drunk and flirted pretty heavily with my boss at a company outing. Felt his hard cock against my ass on the dancefloor. So, we'll see what comes of that.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

On new lesbians, or training someone to eat pussy

An interesting development today.

I was actually thinking of taking another day off to recover. (Yes, that's how good the weekend was.) But sometimes, fate gives you an offer you simply cannot refuse.

Liz came and sat next to me at lunch. We had been kind of wierd ever sense the threesome incident, so this was really the first time we'd talked. I told her some basic details about my weekend, we cought up, and then she suprised me. Her husband (who has been cut off from sex for a while, by the way), wouldn't be getting home until much later that night, and did I want to come over? I wasn't sure if it was just a friendly come over, but the way she was stroking my leg made me think otherwise... so what the hell, right?

So I skip out of work a bit early so I can get a quick shower before stopping by her house, then I put on a dress and heals and jet to her place. I knock, she greets me, we drink some wine (wine seems to loosen her up), we chat for a few minutes, and then she leans in to kiss me.

I know she's working her way into this, so we make out for a while before I make any moves, but I'm getting excited. I start feeling her tits through her shirt, and she moans softly right away. Obviously, she's been taking care of herself a while, so I take charge. Off comes her shirt and bra, and I start sucking her nipples. It's a stuggle for me to be soft and gently, but I go easy for her. Before long, I have my hand down the front of her pants and my finger sliding over her clit.

Her jeans and panties come flying off, and I start gently and slowly eating her out and fingering her. She writhes in pleasure and talks softly, so I pick up the pace. As tempted as I was to finger her asshole too, I thought it was most likely a bad idea, although I spent a few good minutes down there with my tongue. She started thrashing a bit more and becoming louder, so I picked up the pace with my fingers and mouth, and she responded with a loud moaning orgasm, followed by a few aftershocks.

So We make out a bit more, and then my dress comes off and she starts on me. She's being a little timid, so I try to get her to be a little more forceful. She does what she can, but it's her first time. She bites on the nipples, but not very hard, she does her best on eating me out, but she's new to this. I give her instructions, and eventually she gets me to cum. It feels good, too, and you can tell she's proud of herself.

We relax for a few, talking and catching our breaths, then she wants to try it again. This time, we sixty nine, her on top, and it goes much better. She gets two orgasms to my one, but I'll take it. I have to leave after that, because her asshole husband will be home soon, but it was a trip well worth it. After my constant pounding by cocks this weekend, it was a nice change of pace.

Hopefully, we won't be weird tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

On voice mail, or an interesting proposition

So, I just got a voice mail message from Jason, the well endowed guy from the gang bang...

"Hey, you little slut, I can't stop thinking of my huge cock sliding into your white ass and you moaning like a whore. If you ever feel like you need my big black cock in you again, give me a call. I'd love to fuck you again, any way you want it, bitch."

Yummy. I have a new friend.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On the gangbang, or why I'm taking a few days off

So... the gangbang...

Around 7 pm on Saturday, David told me to take a shower. I took a long hot shower, glad to be out of the heals, and relaxing all the sore spots I already had. Getting out, I heard sounds from the living room, so I put back on the heals and went to find him.

And I found him, all right, and his 4 friends. I had met a few of them before at parties, but I didn't rememeber their names. Didn't matter, I suppose. They just say a naked, wet woman in heals and a collar and got very quiet.

David intruduced me to them all, and told me to make them comfortable. I knew what that meant. I was on my knees in front of one quickly, pulling out his cock and going down on him. The guys all seemed to look at David to make sure this was cool, and to be honest, I wanted to hear what he had to say as well. His response was pretty much "She'll do anything and everything you want. Go nuts."

And that was all they needed to hear. To start with, I was literally passed around the living room, blowing each guy until they came, most in my mouth, but one on my face. Most were average size, but one of them, Jason, a muscular black guy, had the biggest cock I have ever seen, a good 11 inches and very thick. He shot his load like a gyser all over my face and tits.

When they had all had a go at my mouth, things got more intense. While Jason recovered, two of the others got back into it. I rode one reverse cowgirl while another decided he wanted to fuck my tits. I was moaning and whimpering, and David just sat ot one side watching the whole thing.

Player two came quickly again from the titfuck, shooting all over my tits again, mixing with the cum that was already there. The guy I was riding decided to stick his cock in my ass, and the other regular sized guy shoved his in my pussy. My first DP of the night, and I quickly came around their cocks.

The guy in my ass pushed forward so that I was now on all fours on top of the guy in my pussy, and he pulled out and came all over my back and ass. With him now done for a minute, Jason decided to try my asshole.

It has never been that streached out. His giant cock took forever to push in, and I could only take a few inches of it. I screamed so loud I thought someone would call the cops, but he just kept on fucking my ass. The guy underneath me came in my pussy, and it seemed they all were content to watch this masive dick get shoved in my ass.

I was flat on my chest, whimpering and moaning, as Jason kept pushing in further and further. At one point, one of theothers came over to fuck my mouth and cum all over my face again, but all I could concentrate on was the massive ass fucking I was getting. It seemed to last forever, but finally Jason grunted and came up my asshole. I collapsed on the ground as Jason came around and made me suck his cock clean.

That seemed to get everyone going again. I had cocks in all holes again, gave two guys rimjobs, and tried to fit that massive unit all the way in my throat, which almost made me pass out. I was fucked in every position for the better part of 5 hours, and at the end was a mass of cum and sweat. I just laid on the floor on my back while they all left, then David took pictures of my for his private collection.

He helped me to the shower and cleaned me off and got me into his bed, where he laid me on my back before handcuffing me and roughly pounding my throat, letting my swallow his load.

So... yeah. And I got Jasons number, just in case. But everything else paled to that experience.

Monday, February 15, 2010

On the weekend, or why I'm sore

I'm sore. I have bruises all over me, on my tits, my thighs, my ass and back are covered with welts, rug burn, a sore jaw... I feel like crap. And it's great.

I got to David's at 9 am Saturday and left at 8 pm Sunday. When I got there, after knocking, he answered and gave me the uniform for the weekend: a red leather collar with loops in the front and back. That's it. I had to strip outside and put it on before I was allowed in. Luckily, his front door is partially concealed, so I don't think anyone saw me.

The weekend is a blur. In between the sex he had me do menial tasks: Clean the bathroom and kitchen, cook, mow the lawn and weed, all while wearing almost nothing. The Collar stayed on the whole time, and was usually joined by stiletto heals that strapped up to mid calf, and usually a gag of some sort, his favorite being a ball gag. When I was outside mowing the lawn, I also had a butt plug in.

There was a lot of sex, too. I won't get into everything, because that would take forever, but I'll give some of the highlights.

-He videotaped me masturbating, then blew his load all over my face and didn't allow me to shower.

-He attached a chain and nipple clamps to the collar, making it so that if I tried to look up it pulled my nipples.... I had an orgasm simply trying this out for a long time.

-I went to bed with his cock in my mouth, and woke up with him fucking my throat. I was handcuffed for this process.

But the moment of the weekend was when he had 4 of his friends come over to fuck me, all at once. I had every hole filled with cum multiple times, and by the end I was covered in sweat and sperm.

I'll post more details later, but I wanted to get a start on this.


Friday, February 12, 2010

On this weekend, or see you on Monday.

It's my friend David's birthday tomorrow, so for a gift, I'm going to be his sub for the weekend.

David is creative and enthusiastic, and we've done this for a couple years now. I anticipate pain and humiliation and lots and lots of hard fucking. I'm a little wet just thinking about it, but you'll get all the details after all the screaming and paddling has finished.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

On quickies, or hard and fast, please

It wasn't much, but it got me through my day just fine.

At lunch today I made a stop at Brian's house. Brian works from home, and is usually alone, so whenever the mid day mood strikes he's the one I visit. He's not creative, just hard and fast and rough... the perfect man for 15 minutes at a time.

He answered the door, and I just walked on in, shedding my top but leaving my bra and tie on. I walked to the kitchen and perched on his table, hiking up my skirt and pulling my panties to the side, smiling at him and motioning him forward with my finger. He smiled, moving over fast and grabbing my hair, kissing me hard. He bit down on my lower lip as I rushed to take off his belt and undo his jeans. I finally freed his cock and jerked it for a few seconds, getting it good and hard.

He moved back and spun me around, pushing my against the tablee and bending me over at the waist. He kicked my legs apart and pulled my panties to the side, sinking his cock into me in one quick move. I couldn't help but let out a low moan as I pressed myself flat onto the table, letting his dick carve up my slippey cunt. He grabbed my tie and yanked back, choking me and pushing n harder and faster.

"you little whore, you come over here and just expect to get satisfied? Well, you're here for my pleasure, slut, I don't care if yo get off." Whenever he starts talking dirty, I know he's in a mood that is going to be fun for me. I felt his finger push into my ass, then a second, then he pulled out and pressed his cock against my tight backdoor. After a slight pause, he thrust all the way in. If I wasn't gasping for air I would have screamed.

He let go of my tie and pushed my head against th table, holding me down. I started muttering "fuck me, fuck me, harder" over and over, lost in the thrill of this rough pounding. He gripped my hips, pounding faster, and I knew he was about to cum. Sure enough, a minute later he shot his load up my ass, giving out a loud yell as he did, then colapsing on top of me. We anted for a minute, then he stood up and pulled out, wiping his dick on my ass to clean off all the cum, and zipped up his pants.

"You know where the door is, whore." he said, and went back to his office. I stood up and wobbilly put my cloths back on a moment later. I stumbled my way out and went back to work.

That's what I want for lunch every day.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

On blowjobs, or yummy.

That's soooo much better.

Sick of being frustrated, I called one of my old reliables, Jeremy. I don't get together with him as much as I would like due to his having a relationship with someone else, but when I do, it's always good. It's just sex between us, no need for explanations or long conversations.

He came to my place after work. There was the three minutes of conversation, then I was on my knees fishing his shaft out of his pants. I quickly went to town on it, slurping it hungrily and bobbing up and down fast. I was rewarded by him forcing my head deep down his shaft and holding it there, making me gag and choke. He quickly came, and I swallowed every drop. Jer's girlfriend doesn't swallow, and it's one way I keep him coming back.

As I grinned up at him, he pushed me back on the couch and spread my legs. My panties were dripping, and he had my bottoms off fast and his tongue buried in my pussy. Twofingers quickly joined, pumping in and out hard, then one popped into my ass. This kept up until I had a toe curling orgasm, moaning loudly as I held his head tight. I shuddered, finally relaxed, and told Jer to fuck me.

And he did. He came three more times that night, depositing two loads down my throat and one all over my tits, and I came twice more, both times around his dick as he rammed me from behind. It only took about an hour, and then he had to be off, but an hour was all I needed.

Monday, February 8, 2010

On last night, or disapointment incarnate

Last night I decided to do a friend a favor. Last time.

I work with Liz. She's about 40, slim athletic figure, tight little ass... always knew she was attractive, and she seemed to have a little saucy side to her, but recently we got to talking more about sex, and we hit it off more.

So it was her husbands birthday, and she wanted to give him a special gift. You guessed it, a threesome. He's older, about 52, but not the oldest guy I would have ever been with. I've met him at office parties before, and he looks good and fit, and she's always been eye candy. They're looking for some fun roleplay, the mommy/daddy/little girl type. So what the hell, I think, I'm always up for getting fucked.

I show up at their house around 7. I'm wearing what she requested, a schoolgirl outfit with a trench coat over it. She answers in just a red teddy with garters and heals. So yummy. A lingering kiss hello and we move in. Mr. Liz is inside, and hands me a glass of wine. They both looked nervous: I knew Liz had never been with a woman, and guys are always nervous about fucking other women in front of their wives.

We talk and drink for a while, but I wanted this thing moving, so i decided to break the ice. I moved to sit on his lap, giving him a soft kiss, and was immediately great ed by a poking on my ass. Liz moved over to join us, and for a few minutes it was all kissing and caressing... so far so good. His hands were now unbuttoning my shirt and groping my tits, while I was doing the same to his wife.

I was getting hot, so I dropped to my knees and began rubbing his cock through his pants. He was rock hard and huge, at least 9 inches and thick. Looking up and licking my lips, I pulled his pants down. His cock popped free, smacking me in the face. I grabbed it in my hand and gave it a long lick, then offered it to his wife. She smiled and began to suck it while I went to work on his balls.

We had actually talked about this. We attacked his dick, trying to get his easy one out of the way quickly. We tag teamed and traded his shaft for about 10 minutes, and then he shot his cum all over her face and my tits. Gasping, he sat back to relax. Still sounds ok, right?

While he recovered, I went after her. Getting her on the couch, I began eating her sweet pussy. I made sure my short skirt was hiked up, so he could see my pantyless bottom working over his wife. She moaned and panted, and started with the whole "bad little girl, needs to be punished" stuff. Gotta admit, it was hot. After about 10 minutes, she came, shuddering and whimpering all over my face.

So I let her recover, and went back to her husband. He was still soft, but I love the feeling of a guy getting hard in my mouth, so I greedily began sucking him again, this time while fingering myself. After 5 minutes, he was still not responding, so his wife brought out the a game: a strap on. Moving behind me, she began fucking me while I sucked his dick. It started soft, but quickly became a hard pounding.

Still, not a twitch from his dick. So Liz moved it up, and shoved the dildo into my ass. I screamed with a mouthful of his dick, and after 5 minutes of that, he began to get hard. Liz grabbed my hair and made me face fuck his dick while she drilled my ass. As he got harder and larger, I began gaging and choking, and finally, this was what I had come here for.

After pounding my mouth for 10 minutes, Mr. Liz got up and moved behind his wife. As she plowed my ass, making me scream and moan, he slid his cock up her ass, making her gasp. Apparently, she had only done anal once and he had not cleared this with her. She bit her lip and tried to keep going, but it wasn't easy for her and she stopped pushing into me. Luckily, he came after about 2 minutes in her ass.

So he was spent, she was crying softly, and I was on all fours with a dildo in my ass. Mr Liz stood up and kissed his wife, thanked me, and left to go take a shower and go to sleep. Liz tried to apologize, but was crying and in pain, obviously. And the selfish part of me realized I had never cum.

So it wasn't all terrible, but I was really looking forward to something better. Worse yet, Liz couldn't look me in the eye at work and had a hard time walking and sitting today. Something tells me her husband isn't getting any for a while, and something else tells me I'm not going to be joining them any time soon. Which might just be the bast thing that came of the whole encounter.

On beginings, and why I'm doing this

After my latest unfeeling sexual encounter, I reallied I had no where to vent, no one to tell about the good and bad of my sex life, no one to commiserate with. At least, no one who was interested and wanted to read. So, I decided to combine my two passions: writing and sex. And here we are.

I'm 29 and a half, 5'3", 143 lbs, a little overweight but not too bad. I have Red hair, green eyes, freckles, and 36D tits that are not as perky as they once were, but still pretty nice for natural boobs. I'm pale, as I easily burn, and dress to show my assets off.

I'm what most people would all a slut, I guess. I love sex, all kinds. I prefer men, but sometimes women are what I need. I have 4 regular guys I fuck, 2 girls, and a handful more that I call on occasion. I have sex almost every day of my life, and I love it.

I'm not great at formatting, so hopefully this blog will get better as I go along. But here's to new enterprises, hopefully new readers, and telling of all my sex, good and bad.