Friday, August 13, 2010

On the slut phase

My roomate has entered a slut phase after her breakup, and I'm getting the side benifits.

For those who are unaware, sometimes after a relationship ends, for whatever reason, a person will go through a phase where they become a total slut, fucking anyone and anything they can, sexually experimenting, etc. I'm kind of always in one, but this is a new experience for her.

She's had a different guy over pretty much every night. She made her first visit to a sex shop, buying herself some new toys and new porn. The other night I heard her beg the guy she was with to fuck her ass, something that previously was a no go with her. But two nights ago, that's when I felt the benifit.

I came home, and when I opened the door, I saw her, on her knees, wearing only an unbuttoned dress shirt, with some strange guy jerking off all over her face and tits. It was a starteling thing to open the door to, and I just kind of stood there in shock as his thick cum splattered her cheek and dripped down to her chest. She saw me staring, and just smiled and licked some of the sperm off her face as the guy slapped his dick against her chest.

So, of course, I was turned on. As I took in more of the scene, I noticed the empty wine bottles, and knew she had been drinking, which made sense. Sometimes when she's drunk, she likes threesomes. The guy, still standing over her, finally noticed me and said hello. "She said you would walk in on us. We tried waiting for you, but she got to eager." She kept her eyes on me as she slipped his limp cock into her mouth, cleaning it and making it hard again.

So... yeah, I joined. I imediately licked all the cum off her face and tits and spit it back into her mouth. We made out for a bit and my cloths got removed as the guy (I never got his name) got hard again, jerking off to us kissing and sucking and fingering each other. When he finally got hard, she was on her knees, eating me out while I sat on the couch. He fucked my face for a minute, then moved behind her to pound away at her tight pussy.

She started moaning, and I had to grab her hair and hold her mouth into place in my cunt, forcing her to eat me as she got fucked. I finally let her go after my orgasm, and I could tell the guy was close, because he had picked up the pace and was relentlessly fucking her. I knelt next to her, fingering her ass and reaching under him to fondle his balls, telling him I wanted to suck her juices off his shaft.

That's really all it took, and I was force fed a mouthful of dick. I tasted her tangy sweetness missed with him, and then I just tasted his hot load of cum as it shot down my throat. He pulled out and shot some across my tits and a little across her ass before he collapsed. I was really hoping he would recover for a round three, but no such luck. He was out the door 15 minutes later, and she was in bed, asleep, shortly after that.

But... I like her in slut mode. Hopefully, more benifits will come my way.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On drama, and how I created it

My life is currently stressed, and it's partially my fault.

A few nights ago, Lily and I were at my place. We had fooled around and were going to sleep, when we heard my roomie and her boyfriend start going at it. Loud, angry, hard fucking through a thin wall. Of course, we started fooling around, and she asked me about the times I had joined them. Of course, I went into explicit detail, which got her excited, and I ended up screaming right along with my roomie as I got my pussy pounded by a large strap on.

The next morning, my roomie and I left for work. Apparently, Lily took this oppurtunity to slip in the shower with the boyfriend, give her a blowjob, and then get her ass fucked by him. He and my roomie have been fighting a lot, and he took some photos of this event and sent them to my roomate, who had little difficulty figuring out who the cute goth girl with a mouthful of her boyfriends cock was, and the messages he sent her ("see, some girls will take it up the ass", accompanied by the explicit photo) didn't help things either. On a totally unrelated note, these were some hot photos.

So they broke up. And now, understandably, she's pissed at Lily, and a litle pissed at me. And I'm kinda pissed at Lily, not that she fucked some guy, but the choice of guy. And she seems oblivious to the fact that she might have done something wrong. So we haven't seen each other in a few days, which I think is good for my relatinship with my roomie. But it still sucks.

Now, I get sent some new pictures of her fucking him, and it's starting to really piss me off. Maybe I'm just overreacting.