Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On the long wait

It seems like I keep saying this, but sorry for the pause in posting. Real life interfeared, including a long fight with Lily that was totally my fault, and it kind of dragged down my sex life. However, things are now back to booming.

The fight was over Lily's ex coming into town. She's a nice girl, her name is Kate, and she's drop dead gorgeous. She's a Disney Princess. I mean, literally, she works on a Disney cruise ship as the little mermaid. She's tall, thin, long red hair, huge tits, bright green eyes, freckles, long legs, tight ass... she's perfect. I admit to insecurity, and I started a fight because of it, totally breaking our no jealousy rule.

We made up end of last week, and we made up good. Long nights (and days) of hot, sweaty sex with Lily have been filling my time. Kate even joined a few times before she left. I can now say I've been fucked by the Little Mermaid with a huge black strap on, and that I've tongue fucked Ariel's ass while she ate Lily. Who else can say that.

I've also started fucking my boss again. He's been sending meaningful glances in my direction for a few weeks now, but he's the one who ended our fun, so I made him suffer. Well, last friday, I couldn't take it any more. I was wearing one of my sluttier outfits, and he was eye humping me all day. So around 2, when he was on a call, I went into his office, locked his door, took off my top and knelt in front of him, looking up at him with my mouth open.

He didn't even pause, he kept on talking on his call while he pulled out his hard cock and shoved it in my mouth. I gagged for a moment, but he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my deeper onto his shaft. He pounded my throat for a minute, then let go. I quickly took his balls into my mouth and sucked them as I jerked his shaft off. His breathing picked up, and he had to bite his lip to not yell as his cum shot all over my face.

I got up, leaving the cum dripping down, and sat in one of the chairs across his desk, hiking up my skirt and letting him watch as I slid two fingers into my wet pussy. I stared at him as I fingered myself furiously, and I could tell he was trying to get the call to end. His cock was hard again, and he was jerking it while watching me.

When the call finally ended, he was across the desk in a heartbeat, dragging me up by my hair for a hard kiss before spinning me around and pushing my down on all fours. He pulled off his tie and shoved it in my mouth, saying "don't scream, bitch" right before his cock found its way into my wet cunt. I screamed into the tie, which did a pretty good job of muffling me.

He grabbed my tits, using them to pull me back on his dick as he pounded me over and over. My knees started hurting from the rug burn, but he kept pounding until he pulled out, moved to stand over my face, and his second cumshot joined his first on my face. He pulled the tie out and made me lick his cock and balls clean before he stood up and put his cloths back on. He made me wipe the cum off my face with my hand then swallow it all, then let me get up and get dressed.

It's been like that every day sense, although we did go to his place for lunch today so he could fuck my ass and hear me scream. I think he realised a good thing, I doubt he'll quit so easily this time.


  1. great times in the office...i love it

  2. I hope you get a raise or a bonus at least. Well done babe, sounds like you're having fun. I've had erotic dreams about a Princess Jasmine who worked at the Magic Kingdom, Florida, does that count?