Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On a frustrating night, in a good way

Oh, last night... never before has hours of not having an orgasm turned into such an amazing night.

First, during the day, I gave the boss his midday blow job, followed by an amazing tit fuck. So, while I had a great time, I never came, so I was stewing and dreaming of getting laid all day. Luckily, I had made plans for later that night with Chris, an old friend. I was craving a good huge thick black cock, and Chris was willing to oblige.

Things became interesting when Lily wanted to join in. I knew Chris would love it, of course, and she's always fun to have around, so I said yes. We had a quickie in the shower before putting on slutty outfits and grabbing the needed toys, and going to Chris's place.

Chris.. well, he loves being in charge. When we walked in, he immediately gave me orders to go to the bedroom, strip, put on a collar and leash, a pair of nipple clamps, and a blindfold, and just wait on my knees. Before he was even done with his instructions, Lily was on her knees, fishing his cock out of his pants. I figured I might have a bit of a wait, but I got ready and took my position.

I waited for about 10 minutes, but I could hear grunting from the other room. The door finally opened, and I heard Lily just say "Her face." I was immediately covered with a hot load of cum on my face, dripping down to my tits. I opened my mouth, and his thick cock was pushed in, and I could taste Lilys pussy all over it as I cleaned it off. He got hard in my mouth before pulling out and pulling me to my feet by my hair. He bent me over, and tied my wrists to his bottom bedposts. I had a limited range of movement, but was pretty much stuck bent over.

I felt him move behind me, and his cock pushed against me, and he sunk all the way into my cunt. I moaned, and kept moaning as I felt the paddle slap down on my ass. And Again. And again. His cock didn't move, but my ass was hit at least a dozen times. Finally it stopped, and he pulled his cock out...except for the head.

He kept the head in me, but didn't move. I moaned and tried to push back, to take him in farther, but I couldn't move back. I started sqeezing my cunt, hoping it would encuorage him to fuck me, but he just stood there. I begged, but he said he was already being taken care of, and then my blindfold was removed.

Lily knelt behind him, licking his balls and asshole, and jerking his shaft while the head was still in my cunt. Eventually, it became too much for him, but instead of just pushing into me, he pulled out and bent her over right next to me. She just smiled and licked her lips at me, and he pushed deep into her ass. I stood, frustrated, watching her get buttfucked for 30 minutes, screaming, switching positions, but always staying where I could see them. When he said he was about to cum, she just said "Her ass". He pulled out, ran behind me, and pushed into my ass twice before shooting his load.

He pulled out and once again made me clean his cock, before sitting in a chair and relaxing a bit. Lily moved under me and told me to eat her, as she started sucking the cum out of my asshole. It was hard to reach her pussy in this position, but I managed as she licked my asshole and then moved to my clit. She came quickly on my mouth, her third of the night, but just as I was about to cum she stopped. I swore at her as she tightened my nipple clamps, but she just smiled and went to suck on Chris's hardening cock.

When he was finally hard, she moved him behind me, and moved to lay on the bed, putting her tasty snatch right in my face. She pulled on my nipple clamps, making me screm, and then ground her pussy onto my mouth. At the same time, Chris shoved his cock all the way into my ass, hard, and kept pounding and pounding away. I came, finally, but he didn't stop. I collapsed, but he picked me up one leg and kept plowing into me. If I paused in eating Lily, she would pull on my nipples, slap me, then force my mouth back to work.

Lily came twice more on my mouth, and I came three times with Chris in my ass. When he was about to cum, Lily told him "Her mouth." He quickly gagged me on his hard cock and pounded my throat for 5 minutes before shooting his load. Cum dripped all out of my mouth, and he pulled out, slapping my face with his cock and splattering cum all over me.

So yeah.. frustrating start, but SOOO worth the wait at the end!

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  1. A mid-day blow job for the boss equals a year end bonus in my books.... send me your resume.

    Your blogs never fail to make me hard