Monday, June 28, 2010

On bachlor parties, or honeymoon in Vegas

So, the reason I was in slut mode (more then usual) at the orgy was that on Friday, I saw Jeremy. And after painting my throat white with his cum, he told me he had found out his girlfriend was pregnant, and that they were getting married in Vegas next weekend, and he wanted me there.

On one hand, I was happy for him, because he seemed happy (although most guys do after a blowjob, I find.) On the other hand, I know this means we're most likely done. I just get the feeling that he'll settle down once he's actually married with a kid, and stop fucking around on her.

So I went to Vegas. And I went to the bachlorette party, which was kind of odd, because I'm not really close to her, and I've been fucking her fiance for forever, but whatever. We got drunk, saw some strippers, I made out with one of her friends, and everything was good.

At about 2 in the morning, I got a call from Jeremy, so I bowed out of the bachlorette party and met up with the guys at their hotel room. It was Jeremy and his older brother, and three of his friends. When I got there, one of his friends had a blond head bobbing up and down in his lap, and another had a black girl spread eagle with his tongue in her snatch. So I got the feeling this wasn't just an invite to hang with the boys.

So I go with it, and within seconds, I'm naked on all fours, Jeremy's dick deep in my throat while his brother eats me from behind. I can hear the sounds of sex all around me, with flesh slapping against flesh and moans filling the room. Before long, Jeremy's brothers cock replaces his tongue at my pussy, and I'm filled deep from both ends.

The night became a blur of sex and booze. I remember having Jeremy below me, riding his cock, and his brother in my ass, and his friends in my mouth and both hands as I worked to satisfy them all at once. At some point near the end I was passed around the room, each man taking a turn fucking my tits and covering my face with their cum. I also remember vaguely that pictures were being taken, but I didn't care. It was kind of my last time with Jeremy, I think, so I was his fuck toy to use as he pleased.

After the wedding, I sucked his brother off again before I came home. Depressed or not, I still want cock.


  1. You filthy slut..... I love it and want to fuck you!

  2. love it.... so where would a guy like me run into a woman like you. Seriously tell me where?

  3. I wish i was at that party, you sound like fun.