Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On scoring, or finally.

That's what I needed.

Went to a bar in my tightest top, shortest skirt, stockings and heals, finding a random guy with the balls to approach me and pick up on me, going back to my place with him after just ten minutes, jerking him off while he's driving... good start.

Getting him into my room, sucking his cock until he shoots all over my tits, getting him to lie on my bed while I sit on his face and let his mouth make me cum, moaning and panting when I'm not sucking his cock to get it back to hard... better.

Slipping the condom on him and lowering my dripping pussy down onto him, riding him hard and fast reverse cowgirl style, him spanking my ass and fingering my asshole the whole time, then cumming repeatedly on his dick before he shot his load... almost the best.

Him leaving after our fuckfest without me even knowing his name... icing on the cake.

The slut in me is satisfied, and more importantly, so is the rest of me for now. hopefully this gets me back on track.

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