Friday, May 14, 2010

On phone calls, or interesting experience.

Got two interesting phone calls last night.

First, Lily, my little goth girl friend who fucked the three guys with me, called and asked me on a date. This is new for me. I've had sex with other women quite a few times, but never really dated one. Of course I said yes, she's interesting, funny, and hot as hell, but I find I'm actually a little nervous about it.

The second was more immediately satisfying. My cousin, Lauren, who's husband's cock I enjoyed while at a funeral, called me, tipsy. They had been drinking, and she wanted to have me have phone sex with her husband while she did what I was describing.

Instantly, I was in. This was amazingly hot. I was on speaker phone, and I could hear every moan and whimper, every time their flesh slapped together, every time she gagged trying to deep throat his cock... it was amazing. For my part, I was using my favorite toys to simulate the experience on my side, but I'm betting they had it better.

I kept it pretty simple this time, he eats her, she sucks him, he fucks her doggie style, she rides him, he shoots all over her tits, but if it happens again, I'll push the boundaries. I know she's not a big fan of anal, but we'll see how far she's willing to take it. For my part, I'm hoping they can maybe get a web cam set up. Or they can visit. I'm good with either.

Here's to interesting new experiences, and more to come!

Here's hoping

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