Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On Lily

So, we've been out on a few more dates this week... and every one has ended back in bed. Not really surprising, considering how we met, but I've never dated a woman or had this long a run of lesbian sex in a row.

It's not like we're exclusive, for either of us. We were out friday, dancing, and she took a guy to the bathroom for a blowjob. She then came back and slipped her tongue and some warm cum in my mouth. We left right after, me driving to her place while she laid the car seat back and masturbated, then using her toy box to it's fullest potential when we got to her place, handcuffs on, nipple clamps on, ball gag in, me on all fours and her fucking my holes with a dildo and a strap on, talking dirty in her sultry voice while she slaped my ass and made me scream into the gag. She's got this quiet yet dominating way in the bedroom that's so sexy.

I'm really finding out a lot about her as a person too. It's... nice. It's a relationship that I can get behind. We know what we want, and have no problem expressing that.

She invited me to an Orgy this Sunday. I've never been to an actual orgy, though I've had group sex a ton of times. I'm actually nervous. Not sure what to expect, but she swears that it'll be ok, and everyone there will have gone through testing and all that. I'm most likely going to go, got tested not two weeks ago, so I know I'm ok. It's just kind of... intimidating, I guess? We'll see how it goes.


  1. Pretty exciting . . . and bound to make good blog fodder ;-)

    Have fun.


  2. I would love to be there when you two play. Not even to participate as much as watch. That would be masturbation fodder for an eternity. can't wait to hear about the orgy.