Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On dating women, or fun times.

So, went on my date with Lily... and it was good. It was different from most dates, as there wasn't the awkward tension you get with someone you've never seen naked. Since we had met while getting fucked by a trio of guys, that part was out in the open.

She's shorter then I though, about 5'1", but smoking hot. She wore a simple black dress and stockings that went well with her pale skin and dark hair. I picked her up at her place, got the quick tour of her apartment, then off to dinner.

Interesting conversation... a lot of talk about sex, which is not surprising considering how we met. She's 22, and might be more sexually open and experimental then I am, if that's at all possible.

After dinner, we went dancing. I love dancing with women, men drool over it, and frankly, women are usually better dancers. We got our share of stares and drooling, and some brave men tried to join us. We kind of lost all inhibitions on the floor, kissing and groping, spanking, licking... we both knew where this was headed.

Her place, and as soon as we got in her tongue was in my mouth and my finger was slipping into her wet, shaved pussy. A second joined, then a third, and I bent her over the arm of her couch, fingering her hard from behind while my tongue fucked he tight little asshole. She came fast, and hard, collapsing on the couch and panting. She led me back to her room, and the fun really started.

Her box of toys was brought out, but mostly just for the handcuffs she slapped on me. She slowly stripped herself, then me, then took her time licking and sucking away at my cunt. I came three times on her mouth, and she smiled and pushed a buttplug into my ass and a dildo into my cunt. Then she sat on my face, pulling my hair deep into her snatch, making me eat her dripping pussy while my holes were stuffed full. As she came, she yanked the dildo from me and fucked me with it, sending me over the edge again.

Dating girls should proove to be fun, I'm thinking.


  1. Very Very hot. I can close my eyes and picture it all..... while my hand is stroking my cock.

  2. :) That's a good response.