Friday, May 28, 2010

On the bottom

I think I've found my position of choice with Lily. It's the old stand by, the 69.

I think I spent 3 hours under her last night, tounges and fingers probing her sweet pussy over and over, trading orgasms with her all night long. I would suck and nibble her clit until she came, and she would reply by fingering my cunt and ass until I screamed my way to an orgasm, then I would return the favor. Eventually, she just collapsed on me, as we both panted, sweaty bodies stuck together, out of breath and spent.

I gave her another tongue lashing this morning as she talked dirty, telling me about how she wanted to watch me get fucked this weekend by all sorts of hard cocks and sweet lips, pounded like the fuck doll that I am... that kind of talk always gets me going.

I have plans to see Jeremy tomorrow, then the Orgy on Sunday... nervous but excited!

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